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Not-For-Profit Community Support - ALO

ALO Contract Client Service Management Systems solve many Social Service Database Support, Fund Raising, Community & Not-For-Profit issues through intuitive I.T.

Key Benefits of ALO Contract Client Service Management
  • generate greater in-house productivity and outcomes that would directly benefit your clients
  • substantial savings in labour and time of data entry by multiple staff in multiple locations
  • time savings in managerial report generation and data analysis
  • timely access of historical data and reporting
  • quickly access and share information securely
  • successfully meet funding criteria, targets, & applications
  • manage and assess clients info & progress, quickly & easily online
  • pathway to collaboration and sharing of information to funding providers
  • cost effective email communications & campaigning to clients and prospective donors

Please feel free to contact us so we can arrange a time where we will discuss the above points and the impact ALO Client Service Management will have on your organisation in saving precious time.
Spending more time on administration than on your clients?

Is information gathering and reporting a tedious process and could be better?

Do you feel like applying for funding can be a stressful process that should also be easier?

Are you communicating & campaigning effectively?

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