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Spending more time on administration than on your clients?

It's not just about working harder, but working smarter. What if we said it can be easier too! If you require further information please contact us

Is information gathering and reporting a tedious process?

Forget speadsheets and diaries! One click reporting and preformatted reports make reporting a breeze

Do you feel like applying for funding can be a stressful process that should be easier?

Generate reports, show accountability, and give Funding Providers the information they need to say 'Yes' to your funding applications

Are you communicating & campaigning effectively?

Built in Campaign Management tools allow for top-of-mind campaigning with instant or predetermined deployment of your personalised message. Reach the right people at the right time


ALO provides a secure Internet website based data entry, management, & reporting Cloud Service with Content Mangement System integration capabilities that saves administration time and delivers on requirements.

For Not-For-Profits, ALO accurately provides information crucial to successfully securing funding from Government or other Funding Providers while maintaining Donor / Donation and Campaign management. 

Currently supporting organisations working with social services and education, ALO could easily be tailored to support community services, and SMBs where detailed client and service management is also a necessity.

Small Business often can't afford to hire more staff to take care of client and service management, strategic direction, promotion, and workflow systems. ALO can take care of all of that and more for greater streamlining of systems and processes. 

ALO clients can manage organisational processes, relationships, data entry, record keeping, fundraising, donations, sales, reporting, promotion and feedback from anywhere in the world on any device.